Battles are fought in the arena between two armies of Champions, each led by a Legend. Players must craft a strategy and tactically assemble their chosen army on the Battle Board.

The Battle Board supports two armies – one belonging to the player, the other to their opponent. The board itself is separated into tiles, and each tile supports one Champion. Ultimately, as they progress through the game, players can unleash armies of up to 15 Champions on their opponents. When the battle starts, all actions – including fighting, moving, casting of special abilities and artifacts – take place automatically.

Battle outcomes depend on:

Number of Champions: More Champions on the Battle Board means more chance of winning.

Champion and Legend Levels: The side with upgraded Champions and Legends has an advantage. Higher level Legends, for example, support more Champions on the Battle Board.

Champion Placement: Where you place your Champions matters. Placing fighters like Knights at the front and ranged warriors at the back, is a common and effective battle tactic.

Warrior Rarity: The power of both Champions and the Legends increases with rarity.

Synergies: These boost the power and skills of your Champions – the more and better developed synergies you have, the better.

Artifacts: Players will gain advantages if their Champions and Legends have artifacts that suit them.

Rewards are available after every battle – either Artifacts or Champion and Legend Cards.